Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the adventure begin??


i have my own blog now..

Guess i can express my thought n share my experience in this blog my very own blog hehe. One of my best friends marzuk his name,once told me, " hey how about u make yourself a blog, u know u can do pretty much everything on your own blog, express your thought n share your life".
Back then i just ignore his idea, and just assumed maybe he tried to said this to me"dude!! get a life n stop talking about your problems to me! who cares if your cat die or something! why it have 2 be me who have to listen 2 your sorry life and your problems.? make a blog and go complain about your life there..."

NAh!!! i known marzuk for more than 10 years.. im just kidding around..he wont say that to me.. hehe.. beside.. if he's not around i can always relied n bugged someone else... Mani.. his my best friend to, if you want to know me from a to z, go ask him.. he like my living and walking documentary of my recent life.

I often have this imaginary thought of everything around that happened in my life.. its like i can create a situation the opposite of what actually happening around me.. like i can edit the scene that happen to me..

4 example..

Back in February... it was February 14 to be exact.. it was valentine day.. i went 2 a double date with my friend OLive(he is my housemate). he took her girlfriend Kak Raja, and I took my date..well Kak raja such a angel, an apple to Olive's eyes and both of them really looked cute together, if there a couple of the year award, i would give it to them. but some how, out of the bloom.. maybe i was jealous, instead of seeing them happy together, i saw olive holding a knife and tried to kill kak raja..

wat a great way to end a romance huh?? hehe.. but i just my imagination, and all that i imagine only happen in my imaginary world and it ends there.. adesh if only i can make it comes true.. huhu.. realizing my imagination of becoming a rich and cool guy,hey.. I'm a cool guy minus the wealth.. hehehe..

I'm a dreamer...

Hurm is it a good kind of a dreamer who trying and put an effort to make his dream comes true or just a plain dreamer who dream on but done nothing about it??

I cant answer it yet.. oh wait!! i am a promising dreamer like bill gates.. hee

But why arent you doing anything to make your dream alive?? my mum asked me..
I do, i do did something 2 make my dream come true it just, right now, i take a short vacation on my pursuit... My recent events doesn't goes as planned and its not even close to what i dreamed of.. huhu.
imagine your effort for all dis while ddnt paid off... yeah thats what happend to me..
Yeah things going to get utterly ugly and rough ride for me for the next few month..
my exam awful..i'm low in finance.. huhu...
huhu.. moan as much as i want... it wont do any good... the train had left the station and darn it i bought the wrong tickets.. MY BAD.. huhu..

But hey cheer up..
mark my words people..
yes... yes.. my life going to be rough and all...
seeing my dad looked at me with full of disappointment, his eyes liked an arrow that Pierced through my body..
i ashamed to my friends and loves one.. i disappoint them.. maybe i should take things more seriously this time and be more self conscious about who i really am and what i capable of doing.. instead of being so proud and take things easily...
Everytime i meet up with my friend or walked around... i felt a shamed, like i walked and met them without a single strands or clothing on my body..
but it wont stay this way forever.. I'll prevail hehe..
I'll bounce back.. yup i will..

Hey looka that..
I never thought i would be able to write again..
Its been a quite a while since i last wrote something this long..
Maybe making my own blog really a good idea..
I feel much better now..i should write more often..
My brief prologue is not that brief huh? haha.. before i end this, i would like to say thanks to my girlfriend.. she said i should get a life and go out and do something.. instead of lazying my ass at home doing duh.. duh.. nothing.. she have bring a lots of great experience, such a good companion in my life and she have changed me alot and made me realized a lot of my potentials and never in my life a women who care for me as much as she did for me and i love her more everyday.. sorry for being such a trouble for you sayang.. she such an angel to me. thanks suraya.. this first journal, could i call this a journal? or blog, i dedicate this to you k.. i love you.. may there be more and more blog after this and more cool stuff for this site..

My beautiful Girlfriend suraya.. is she an angel ??.. hehe

well i guess the adventure of my life begin?? yeah of course it will.. my life had always been and always will be an adventure and the world such a huge playground don't you think??..
so lets starts the adventure !!!!

till next time.... thanks...