Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ah.... LEGO.. you still on my mind..

Lego.. when i heard the word Lego... the 1st things that comes across my mind is.. lots of lots of bricks of cubes that when you assemble it together.. taadaaa!!! you get what ever you want them to be..
you can design and create a lot of cool structure..
haah... such a great way to exploit our creativity.. hehe..
them Denmark fellas really know how to help kids around the world use them time..
by selling this bricks constructions set!!
by the way yesterday.. me and marzuk.. bump to this cool key chain at this brick boy toys at The garden shopping mall.. marzuk jump to an excitement when he saw one of this.. ouh.. sorry he didn't exactly jump, but he does excited.. this cool key chain sells at Rm 19.90 each.. and this shadow trooper not only out for sale, there's also master yoda, luke, and even spongebob key chain.. what a nice key chain huh?
the brick boys toys sells a large collection of LEGO's construction set..
what catch my eyes in there was this huge Eiffel tower Lego set.. damn cool..
hehe.. there a lots of Lego's set that you can choose.. if you have a dream of becoming a monster and like to destroy the entire world or you have an anger management problem, instead of throwing stuff and tare your house down.. i suggest you buy yourself a LEGO set and start building...hehe .. its cheaper..
hey if you a die heart fans of Lego you should stop by at the brick boy toy at the garden mall KL.
ah... LEGO you still on my mind..

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