Monday, June 8, 2009

SONY VaiO pendrive... 800 GB!!!!!

First USB FLASH DRIVE or more famous by PENDRIVE were out on the market back in the year of 2000 and back then pendrive were still new to the tech consumer and the first pendrive only have the capacity to store up to 60MB information on it and later on were up graded to 128mb. Back in 2000 pendrive were so rare n expensive, and not all people afford it. but now, when we speak about pendrive or USB flash drive, everyone knows about it and almost everyone own it. Pendrive now like a must have thingy now even a 10 year old own one. it come in handy for you to transfer informatiओं to 1 computer to another, such a helper.
what i have here is a new breed of PENDRIVE, it can store a colossal amount of information and the best thing is, its small!!!
it looks like your average pendrive that u have hanging on your key chain or wondering some where in your room, but what make this pendrive more prime is it has a ALUMINIUM casing, store up to 800 GB of data and its a limited sony VIAO FLASH DRIVE.
see it this way, how much can you store a MP3 data on your 1GB Pendrive?
duh.. its almost 400 songs on it..
so how much a 800 GB can store ? billions? or maybe all songs on the world around. ?
yeah yeah, you said who going to save billions of song and what for right? i know its stupid, but the point is, with this pendrive you can save anything and it small you can take it anywhere. no need to bring along your bulky external drive everywhere you went. its sleek too.

OK.. if you the details..

800GB - RM 370

600GB - RM 280

400GB - RM 240

if you interested let me know..

limited stock.

can negotiate.


  1. im intrested . give me plz prices for all 3
    and how many u have in stock ?


  2. You've got to be kidding. There is no way with current RAM chip tech that you can put 800GB into a USB stick that size - heck, they can't get more than 128GB or so into an SSD enclosure right now! This is a total sham. As soon as you write more than 8GB or so, it will start to overwrite itself - guaranteed.

    It's not difficult to program the stick to report back that it has "800GB" free. Don't fall for this, people. Just because it's on the Internet doesn't make it true.

  3. Biggest load of crap ever.

    God I hate currys that try to sell amaaving products to idiots on the internet.

  4. I loled it's a fake mate, flash drives only go up to 128gigs at the moment and the 128 gig ones aren't even on the market.

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  6. I'm also interested in that..

    I would like to be given more information about this product.

    Prices for all the available options of the pendrives.

    And of course how many you have in stock.

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    Please provide me price details and how payment can be made.

  9. pls let me know how much the 600 / 800 gb wil cost?

  10. boss my sony VIAO FLASH DRIVE 600GB is no longer working. if i insert in the usb ut says "needs to be formatted" but if i try formating it it doesnt work or format.

    this is now completely useless.

    pls tell me how to fix it. pls email me at:

  11. let me know how much quantity is available and what is the price of each 800gb flash usb .

  12. Pendrive de mierda que es una pura mentira

  13. Hey, never got to see this for myself. I think I'll go out and find one for myself.

  14. i have 400 Gb SONY VAIO pendrive but I m not able to formate it.
    Plz help me.....
    As soon as possible.....

  15. please send me the details of 800GB pen drive on my mail

  16. hey plz send me the rates fast for 800gb

  17. how can i make my pen drive work???
    its 800GB pendrive n it takes about an 1 day to copy 2GB Games and all what to do????

  18. Dont border urself. I'm Chris Phaphali for Ghana and I'm also experiencing the same problem and now it can not be formatted.It formats up to 100% and then displays an error message.Perhaps it could be because of the metal body which is producing too much heat.

  19. I bought one with a capacity of 600 giggs and I can assure you it is a scam. I spent $100 and the damn thing could not format or have anything deleted from it. Today I went to the properties and I was shocked to learn that the total capacity was 0 giggs. Do not even think of it. You'l burn your fingers

  20. can u please provide me the details and the pricelist of the three drives


  21. Good Option!!I guess this video can help you out, check out Encrypted Flash Drive

  22. Hi,
    There are many threats to your data other than stealing. You can secure your data by using Lok-it Usb Drive

  23. Hundreds of millions of USB flash drives are currently in operation around the world, with the vast majority not offering proper encrypted flash drive

  24. hey how much is it??? hahaha
    i want one... !! my mail is:
    "" pleasee
    send me an mail... !! put as asunt...
    " pendrive " coz if i dont see that i will deleted...

    thanks... !

  25. Hi
    I want to ask about the flash memory 800 GB how much?
    I want pictures of some of the samples and the prices I set for it to demand
    Thank you

  26. i've seen it.. it reall mann.. Steel Body, right ?

  27. totally fake..try search it in sony website and u will find nothing bout this product

  28. me puedes decir cual es la página para comprar el pendrive porfavor?

  29. se me olvidava mi correo es

  30. i bought it its not working 800gb the file system in raw

  31. majha pendrive 400gb ahe usb2.0 ahe to formaiting sangtoy.pan to formate hot nahi

  32. how much do you sell them for I need 2